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  1. Ahh! éa fait longtemps, trop longs! Excusez-moi tout le monde! J'étais très occupée avec mon emploi, mes devoirs, les vacances etc. J'ai eu aussi une grande problème avec mon 'account' ici, car j'ai oublié mon mot de passe (oui, je sais, quelle idiote!) et le nouveau mot de passe que j'ai demandée n'étais marchee pas au début. Heureusement, je pense qu'il marche bien maintenant Donc, je suis revenue à jamais I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year, Amandine! Did you eat a 'Galette des rois'? Yes at Christmas we have christmas lights hung from one building to the next in the high street in town, which is quite pretty. But, in general, its all the wacky lights and inflatable santas that people put outside the front of their houses that makes it feel christmassy We also have a German market, where you can get lebkuchen, wurst from Schleswig Holstein etc in the town. In our park near the bus station we hold a 'European fair', usually it is closer to Christmas time so you can buy christmas presents, but this year it was in October/ September for some unkown reason. It only lasts for a weekend, but its great. There are stalls from France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Belgium etc, selling chocolates, sausages, le fromage, meat, olives, bread, cakes, artworks like ceramics, paintings, jewellery, handbags, pashminas, pillows/ cushion covers, throws , ice cream stalls. They are also stalls like the Fair Trade one where I bought a 'Divine' chocolate advent calender fro myself. And there are local stalls selling local produce, local home made ice cream and so on. On Christmas Eve, in the centre of town , there is a public 'carol singing' event where the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lord Mayor of Canterbury and the cathedral choir and Salvation Army Band all gather and the public sings with them. It gets you in a christmassy mood! Although, this year, I was working a lot around christmas, so I didnt really feel all that christmassy, and christmas day was a bit of an anti-climax as usual. We (me, my parents and brother) opened presents, had a big christmas lunch, pulled crackers, then felt very full up and sluggish. I hope all your exams went well! I had my first set of A Level French exams in January - AS. They didnt go as well as I would have liked as I completely ran out of time to answer all the questions on the listening paper! So, I will definitely get a lower grade overall because of this. I am trying my best, I found I got 63% in my last piece of coursework, which is not too bad! Although, the universites have asked me to get a B in French A Level, which is frankly impossible for me as I have only been studying it a year and 5 months from scratch and I work a lot in the week, so I am hoping when it comes to results day, the universities will accept me with lower grades Btw, thanks to everyone for their French help Its very much appreciated :smile2: Oh, I have had many accounts on TSR, most of which I have forgotten the password for, so now I just look at posts I like the foreign language threads best :D Alors, I wish you a great semester et Bonne Chance! -x-
  2. The character of Sweeney Todd is that of a deranged 19th century barber who murders his customers for a living. He is helped by his mistress, Mrs Lovett, who cleverly disposes of the bodies in her famous meat pies that she sells in her restaurant. Thomas Peckett Prest is the author who created this marvellous character. Mr Todd first appeared in Prest's short story 'The String of Pearls' in 1846. NB: A 'boutique' is a specialist high fashion clothes shop in english. I'm not sure how much help this is to you if you've already done your oral, hope it went well though I recommend watching the film version with Johnny Depp, its really good and has a great soundtrack By the way, do you have school lessons on Sundays in France?
  3. Eh bien!

    Ton français est très bien :) J'apprends le français depuis longtemps au collège et l'année dernière j'ai pris le GCSE aussi :) Je l'étude encore au 6th form maintenant, c'est mieux cette année que l'année dernière car l'effectif de classe est plus petit :)

  4. Oh dear, that shows just how uncultured I am! I must get back on again! :smile2:
  5. Bonjour! J'ai etudiee le francais depuis un peu plus q'un an dans les classes soirs! J'ai pris le GCSE l'annee dernier, et cette annee je prends tout l'Alevel! Malheureusement, ma grammaire et ma vocabulaire sont pas bon :(

    Bon courage!

  6. Je suis d'accord. Nous sommes vraiment les espèces rares ici!

    Vous parlez français depuis combien de temps?

  7. Bonjour Tomski- C'est bon a voir un autre gen anglais. Nous sommes les especes rares ici OP, I have corrected your version here!
  8. Thats not all of it, I shall finish it tomorrow. You dont need to add 'the' all the time, becasue we dont do that in english, like in french. Bon courage!Dont give it in yet, there are too many errors!
  9. cremeanglaise

    Un cadeau d'Noël ... !

    Les bijoux, parfums (Chanel/ Dior/Paul Smith - Rose etc), les vetements/ sac a main, quelque chose que est une hobbie/ interest de lui- les dvds/ livres de Amazon our decorations pour sa chambre. Desolee pour mon francais :smile2:
  10. Merci beaucoup tout le monde - c'est grandement apprécié ! Je vais peut etre demander plus d'aide encore, parce que j'ai plus travail d'Edith et j'ecrire aussi de contrôle continu en francais pour mon A Level :smile2: Lily-greycat would it be better for me to say 'unique' rather than 'remarquable'? Merci encore, CA
  11. Bonjour à tous! J'ai une épreuve orale Jeudi (répétition) et je vais parler au sujet d'Edith Piaf. Ici est un extrait de mon travail. SVP corrigez mes erreurs- C'est tres important et urgent. Merci Beaucoup, Creme Anglaise :smile2: Aujourd'hui, je vais parler au sujet d'Edith Piaf et La film La vie en Rose. Je vais commencer avec la naissance d'Edith et s'enfance. Edith Piaf est née en Decembre 1915 (milleneufcentquinze) dans la banlieue de Paris, qui s'appelle Belleville, avec la nom 'édith Giovanna Gassion'. La légende raconte que Edith est née dans le bordure de rue, mais la veritée est qu'elle est nee a l' hôpital. Cette legende, avec les autres, soulignent jusqu'où remarquable sa vie etait. S'enfance etait parsemée de tragédie et la souffrance. Edith est venue d'origine modeste avec les parents immigrées, qui ont abandonné lui avant l'age d'un an. Le pere d'Edith a lui pris sur habiter chez sa Grandmere avant qu'il a sortir pour la guelle. Ici, le petite fille a habité dans un bordel, où quelques prostituées ont gardé Edith. Entre trois et sept ans, on dit que Edith a perdu sa vue jusqu' à elle a fait un pèlerinage en l'honneur de Saint Therese de Lisieux que a lui guéri de sa cécité. Eventuellement, quand son pere est retournée de la guelle, Edith a commencer a travailler pour lui dans le cirque. Mais quand il a quitté le cirque pour travailler dans la rue, Edith est passée le temps chantant pour son diner.
  12. Orationem - is that a public speaker/ orator?
  13. J'espere regarder cette film pour amorelier mon francais, mais je ne sais pas ou je peux regarder ca enligne et gratuite. Merci pour l'aide :smile2:
  14. In a way you are right. If the teacher knows this pupil well then they will be surprised at the change in their level of English, however, we do not know how old the poster is, and to be honest, the level of English they have used is so simple, that I would be surprised if the teacher really expected them to use such simple English. In my suggested composition there is a fair amount that would be easy for a French 13 year old to make up. However, there are a few phrases and words that are harder, I admit. Having said that, my posts were only a suggestion on how to develop the argument and the first was a simple grammatical correction as there were many errors! If the original poster wants to improve their English, I would also suggest using as it has lots of synoyms and lots of phrases!

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