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Prodigal Sun


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Prodigal Sun

I am wondering... Is it exhausted ?

Does it have a cold ? Or, is it on strike ?

It's been a long time since it last appeared,

I don't remember well what it looks like.

It got fired from the weather forecast.

Since then, the cold rain has taken his place.

I wish it didn't belong to the past,

As I'm tired with seeing the rain's face.

All day long, drops have been hitting the pane,

I have thought about sleeping off the rain

And perhaps the sun will have eased the pain

When I wake up, but time'd go down the drain.

I don't get my coat off but myself out.

While I pay attention to each puddle,

The wind blows the leafs off and my flame out.

Jeez ! The dirt track looks like a real puzzle.

There is one thing that everybody hopes :

Joy, when it's back as the prodigal son.

But there's only pain, everybody mopes

Until it comes back, the prodigal sun.

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