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What I haven't done


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Un petit texte sans grand intérêt, juste pour le plaisir d'écrire un peu en anglais :

What I haven't done

My hell's paved with more should'ves

Than I could ever recall;

Regrets, I believe, are all

My memories are made of.

My mind's stuck on yesterday,

Hoping for no tomorrow;

I cannot feel but sorrow

As I while my life away.

I can't afford to should've

Myself any longer, so

Today's the day I let go

Of the past I'm dying of,

The day I finally give

My life a chance and forgive

What I haven't done*.

*Référence à What I've done de Linkin Park :

"For what I've done,

I start again

And whatever pain may come

Today this ends,

I'm forgiving what I've done."


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