pursuit force

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je suis bloké ds la mission (la bande a wile) ds pursuit force sur psp. pouvez vous m'aider?

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To complete the first part of this mission, you need to eliminate

all six cars in the convoy. You don't have a lot of time here,

so don't take long destroying the cars. If a Convict jumps onto

your car, you can afford to leave it, as you don't need to kill

those Convicts to complete the mission. Also, any car with

three Convicts in is very dangerous.

If you eradicate all the Convicts, transfer to the heli-gun.

You have to kill Billy Wilde in the distance allowed. When he's

in a car this is fairly easy, but when the car is desrtoyed

he'll jump onto the top of another car and throw firebombs at

you. Aim directly at him here so that you can destroy the bombs

as he throws them. if you have to follow them too much, you'll

lose valuable time. Eventually he'll dirve the car, so shoot it

while your health recovers. Keep shooting as he changes cars,

to finish the mission.



- Don't capture the first car you meet!

- Use your Shotgun on the cars not the enemies.



Time Trial Course:


- Sunset Falls - Route 4



- Billy's Big Boom



- Jord 450i TX

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