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    Bonjour, je suis en BTS et j'ai un devoir a rendre en anglais, je doit faire le résumer de ce texte qui provient d'une vidéos youtube, ce résumer doit ce faire en français, le seul problème c'est que je ne suis pas fort en anglais, pouvez vous m'aidez. Voici le texte et le lien de la vidéos : ORAL COMPREHENSION : Narwal, The First Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum & Mop Ever wonder how clean your floors really are ? You've tried the old-school broom, the not so handy mop, maybe even a robot vacuum that promises a lot but delivers too little. Introducing Narwal, the world's first self-cleaning robot vacuum and mop with the most advanced navigation. First off, Narwhal takes care of vacuuming up pretty much anything off your floors. But the magic actually starts with the mopping : other robot cleaners that claim to mop only sweep the floor. Narwall has reinvented the mop : it has rounded triangular mops that press down on the floor and rotate to really clean away those stubborn stains. Narwall mops clean three times as efficiently versus other robot cleaners. Other robot cleaners clean the floor and then you have to clean them : it defeats the purpose if you ask me. Narwhal is totally self clean : it automatically returns to the base station to clean, wash and dry itself multiple times during mopping and when the mopping is done, Narwall keeps the mop dry and clean with its ventilation system. Most robot cleaners require remapping every time you use them but Narwhal’s home layout map can be used repeatedly once created. The map is created with the help of lidar technology (you know what they use in driverless cars). Narwall also avoids secondary contamination by making sure it doesn't pass over the spaces it's already mopped. You can even customize its cleaning strategy for different rooms and floors like choosing which rooms to clean, in which order, how many times to clean, the type of floor and it creates cleaning reports for you after it's done cleaning. Narwhal is also ultra quiet you'll almost forget it's there. With it's awesome sweeping vacuuming and mopping tech Narwall will make you wish you'd found it sooner. Narwall is built by a dedicated team of engineers and visionaries. “I got the idea to build Narwall when I saw my mom struggling with mopping housework every day, so I decided to build a robot to help her and everyone in the world - we hope you can support us” Merci et bon courage.
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