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    Baby Forumeur
  • Date de naissance 17/11/1979

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    northern France, soon !
  • Intérêts
    j'aime mon pays d'origine, la photographie, les animaux, les bébé chiens, n'importe qui que pourrait me faire rire, les chaussures, l'art décoratif, lire, spécialement n'importe quoi à propos de tueurs en série, l'océan, la nourriture française, les plantes, les vins, les chateaux forts.<br /><br />je n'aime pas les personnes sans cervelle et violents sans raison, les abus, la violence envers les animaux.
  1. long time no talk, sir...

    just saying a lil hello. *waves*

    kisses ;-)

  2. Hello Jessica,

    I am glad to know that, and I wish you the best (and may I say you're a pretty cat too ? ;-). By the way, I now leave this crappy site, so do no more post on here anything you want me to read.

    See you someday on skype anyway.

    Take good care of yourself,

    Yours truly.

  3. By the way, is that you on the picture ?

  4. Hi Jessica !

    (I'm no more used to speak english so i just want to say sorry in advance).

    thank you for your wish ;-). I hope you and your brother do too, and especially that Todd's health status is improving.

    See you !

  5. Glad to know your brother feels better ! Thanks for caring about me, Jessica. But well, you don't know me, and I'm not made of crystal. So please care about your brother instead. I'm also going to leave this site, since I don't have internet access at hp, so no emails, sorry. But if all goes fine, I should get back home in a month.

    Take care !

  6. Hi Jess,

    Finally got back from the land of sausages, and am feeling alright, hehe.

    Hope your brother feels better now, does he ? Send him my best regards, please. How are things at your end ? ;-)

    Let's hope you still pay a visit to this forum yet,


  7. Ok merci beaucoup :)

  8. Salut Amandineuh ;)

    enchanté de te connaître :)

    je ne connais pas de forum anglais ou tu peut améliorer ton anglais (je fais juste partie de forums français) mais je vais chercher et te donnerai des liens

    bises ! :)

  9. Coucou. Je souhaiterais faire la même chose que toi mais sur un forum anglais. Peux-tu m'en conseiller un, plz ?

  10. Oh and by the way, since my real name's not WOH, from now feel free to call me Alex if you like, hehe. :-)

  11. If I'm

    allowed to give you a little advice : please do no more use "bcp" nor ANY acronyms while typing,

    NEVER !

    Typing this way you look like a teen (sorry for being honest), and that will make the speaking thing a lot harder to you !

    Please allow EXTREME importance to spelling and syntax, at least...

    Bises. ;-)

  12. (switching to english temporarily, I feel more comfortable talking to you in your language)

    Sincere congratulations for your will to get better at speaking french ! That's what I call a big task...

  13. ... Et Dieu sait que l'étranger a du mal à s'habituer avec le masculin et le féminin...

    Keep up the good work !


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