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15 octobre 2008 - 04:36 #11

Le mieux pour aider dans une traduction et apporter quelques corrections, c'est quand même d'avoir aussi le texte d'origine. :snif:

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17 octobre 2008 - 17:36 #12

I do not find it useless to coordinate the actions of the United States which fight against terrorism. Individuality does not lead to a result (I think you mean a 'resolution' here) and the countries which defend freedom have to be in agreement. The fight against terrorism (sera d'autant plus accrue que si nous montrons que nous sommes forts, puissants*) and that the terrorists do not frighten us. What I consider to be the blight of the XXIth century must be ruined - you pribably mean 'destroyed'.

* will be more effective if we show that we are strong and powerful
You cant say 'increase', it just doesnt make sense in english. Effective is probably what you mean, as it makes sense here, it means that it will 'work better' .
Good luck with your essay!

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