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Note : - - - - - Poutine accuse l'Occident Monde

08 mai 2007 - 13:53 #11

d'accort avec mariaa voir meme plus alors!!!

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10 mai 2007 - 07:50 #12

Selon Helsingin Sanomat, Moscou a envoyé une lettre "rigide" à Ilkka Kanerva, le ministre finlandais des affaires étrangers et en Allemagne qui a actuellement la précidence de l'UE. Ils refusent de raconter le contenu exact de ces lettres, mais apparemment il s'agit de cette dispute sur la statue à Tallinn. Il parait que Poutine teste l'UE.

Le discours de Poutine hier selon Moscow Times:


President Vladimir Putin took a swipe at Estonia in an unusually politicized Victory Day speech Wednesday at the Red Square parade. ---
"Those who today are trying to belittle the invaluable experience, who desecrate monuments to war heroes, offend their own people and sow discord and new distrust between states and people," Putin told the gathering from a podium next to the Lenin Mausoleum.

Putin did not name any names, but his remarks were clearly aimed at Russia's small Baltic neighbor, which last month removed a monument to fallen Red Army soldiers in central Tallinn, sparking riots by ethnic Russians and angering Russia.

His remarks were uncharacteristically sharp and politicized for the country's most revered holiday, where speeches are generally confined to praise for veterans and appeals to the young to remember the sacrifices of their elders.

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