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27 février 2009 - 20:02 #1

<A name=OLE_LINK1>Customer Service Representative


-Process travel cheque applications in a timely and comprehensive manner to ensure customer satisfaction
-Deliver Employees, Customers and Shareholder metrics as per goals
-Highlight issues through feedback and recommend changes in workflows, procedures and service levels to meet customer needs and to ensure quality service at all times
-Adherence to quality and compliance guidelines
-Support all new initiatives in the New Accounts area
-Effective and efficient call handling
-Gather relevant information from customers as required and update it accurately to facilitate the decisioning process

Required Qualifications


-Bachelor's Degree.

-Excellent knowledge of local culture, business rules/etiquette, economy.

-Analytical mind & attention to detail
-High level of Customer sensitivity, commitment & service orientation
-Ability to take independent decision & meet stringent deadlines
-Good interpersonal skills
-Excellent oral/written communications skills
-Flexible to work in any shift and handling calls

-Native speakerGerman, French and Spanish


-Major in economy, marketing, trading
-Ideally customer service background with sales experience

-Previous experience of business to business sales.
-Previous experience in dealing with difficult customers or being in a customer facing environment.

Work Location Country: Shanghai, China
Classification: Full-Time ¿ work shifts
Salaire: Between 13k-15k Yuan ( about 1500E-1750E)
Duration: 1 YEAR
Diploma Required: Licence Bac+3 minimum

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Romy Wang

36/F, Xin Mei Union Square

No. 999, Pudong Road (S), Pudong
Shanghai, 200120

T : +86 21 58782618 Ext. 6681

D : +86 21 38606681

F : +86 21 58782661

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27 février 2009 - 20:05 #2

Au bucher la bête ! A mort ! Virginye ! Nina ! Un truc suspect ! Sortez des champs !!

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27 février 2009 - 20:09 #3

Une annonce en anglais pour un job en Chine :smile2:

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27 février 2009 - 20:12 #4

Et oui ! Ca arrive :smile2: ! Welcome to the 2Ith century !!

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