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Note : - - - - - Une derniere chanson d'amour

03 avril 2008 - 14:42 #1

Hi ! I am from Vietnam, sorry that I don't know so can't write French here.
Could I have your helps ? That is I really like the melody (music without words) named "Une derniere chanson d'amour". I listen to it many times on radio,
now I can't have that melody file in my computer.
Do googling but found nothing in English and Vietnamese  :snif:
So if you have that melody in your computer or a link that lead me to hear it on
could you please send it to me  ;)
I am very thanks for your helps  :snif:  

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03 avril 2008 - 14:45 #2

Are you sure it is the right title for the song you're looking for?

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03 avril 2008 - 14:54 #3

Hi smiles...

Perhaps you can look for this link : http://www.mehitobel...ay/tuesday.html

On middle page, there are "Une derniere chanson d'amour"...

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04 avril 2008 - 03:14 #4

Hi, that title in English is "the last song of love", I ask my brother who living in France and he give me that title :snif:

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